Friday, May 11, 2007

My First Sketch: Aquastatic

While cuddling with my DS (two yrs old), this sketch came to mind. When he fell asleep, I ran to sketch it out. It morphed as I sketched and finally I was content to stop. I scanned it and opened it up in PSCS2 with the intent of turning it into a template. I've never even made a digital LO and I didn't know how to make a template. I was using my magic wand and making layers like crazy, but I could not see any shapes or figure out how to make it do it. Searched for a tutorial on this, but I couldn't find one. In desperation I started the built in tutorial for beginners and voila... a clue came to light. I had to create a copy of the background which becomes layer 0. So, I started over and it worked. All seemed to be going well until I tried to use the template. All my papers were turned gray! I had posterized the image for clarity and crispness and the original was a b&w scan. Somehow I managed to convert it to color. It was two in the morning, so I'm not too clear on that part. Whoohoo, I have color now! I'm still working on the LO and the template. Isn't this one different?

1 comment:

  1. I so wished, you would have known, how to convert to color (I met this problem as well) I can imagine, how your work was going on, how much hours you put inside this great template.
    I love your layout.
    And thank you for describing the development of the template.
    It was so real