Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eye Opening

My dear MIL was concerned that DS may have lazy eye. She noticed it in a photo. He very rarely does it, but once in a while one eye wanders in a bit. So... I took him in to see my favorite Ophthalmologist. DS is just two, so I warned him that the first eye drops sting, but only for a little while. The testing is really non-invasive and it's amazing what they can learn from someone who can't read yet. DS was really good, but he was upset about the first drops. They dilated his eyes with an extra long lasting dose because he is little and the muscles are so strong and flexible. He wore dark glasses all day yesterday. His eyes are still dilated today! The good news is that he has 20/30 vision, a little farsighted (which is normal at his age), no glasses needed, no glaucoma and he doesn't have lazy eye. He does however copy everything his DD does, including trying to cross his eyes LOL! I was so afraid. Now I'm so relieved he is OK. Glaucoma rarely affects someone under 40, but it can happen and the result is permanent blindness, without symptoms. I have a rare genetic form of glaucoma and I have had surgery for it. I had never been to the eye doctor until something flew into my eye and got it infected. I was referred to the ophthalmologist who discovered my condition. If any medicine dilated your eyes, the increase in pressure could cause you to damage your optic nerve. Always check for glaucoma first. I did not have any symptoms. The test is simple and painless and our eyesight is precious. If you are over 40 please get tested :)

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