Saturday, June 7, 2008

Library of Memories - All About Us

I have been taking this years annual Library of Memories 16 week non-chronological scrapbooking class with Stacy Julian. As part of our All About Us, Personality page, I created this LO to share Ed's fun personality. It has just been snow much fun to play with the "Winter" theme here in Florida. I am amazed how much this class is changing the way I scrapbook. I highly recommend her books: "The Big Picture" and "Photo Freedom."

Credits: Bon Scrapatit Designs/Linda Walton: Win'treeWeather 3S DAD Scrapkit: BGPaper11 and Snowflakes 1-4. Fonts: King and Queen and Garamond. Photos: Tasha and Ed Stanton

1 comment:

  1. I love your layout! Wow! The photos is what makes the entire thing and what's most important anyway...action shots!