Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time is On My Side

It has been a long time since my last post! I realize that in one way we do have to act as if time is on our side and on the other hand we have to act as if we don't have a moment to spare. I feel both are true. In the time since my last personal post, I have flown to Vancouver, cruised to Alaska, walked over a suspension bridge, gone up in a very tall building and enjoyed the view, flown in sea plane, saw bears fairly close in the wild, flown in helicopter over high mountains and glaciers, stood on an ice field on a glacier, dog sledded, ridden a train up and down a historic mountain, cycled through a rain forest and a deserted gold rush town, cruised through fjords, watched glaciers caving, saw a whale completely breech the water, his entire body in the air, saw sea lions, otters, eagles on vacation, watched a hurricane, turn into a tropical storm before it went over my town, had a birthday, had a life changing event, printed a couple hundred photos and overcame a messy paper filled desk. I am afraid of heights so some of those things involved my overcoming my fear to enjoy the beauty of the moment and I am glad that I did it when I had the opportunity and time to do it. Enjoy the time you have and make it your own without letting fear hold you back. Have a wonderful day!

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