Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm so glad you have come to visit. I hope you have been well and will forgive my absence. We moved from the home we are selling. We are soon to move into the fourth home since we started this adventure. I am so excited because this one is bound to be a better fit. I am wishing the best of luck to a new home buyer who I believe will start the chain of home purchases necessary for our home to sell to it's interested buyer. It has to start somewhere. We are all exited about this move. My DS will be reunited with his missing toys. DD will have her own room again. I will get my own bed back. DH will have everyone happy again. The most important part is that we are all together. Enjoy you time together with family, it is precious.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shine On Amy!

Amy created a gorgeous layout with my AquaStatic template!
I love how she cropped the photos really tight to show off her beautiful photos. Amy chose an awesome quote and set it with an excellent font to create a very special piece of word art. I'm sure "Daddy" is proud!

Credits: Papers: Shabby Princess, Tracy Drane, Digital Scrapbook Place; Font: “Dali”; Stamp: Shabby Princess

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eye Opening

My dear MIL was concerned that DS may have lazy eye. She noticed it in a photo. He very rarely does it, but once in a while one eye wanders in a bit. So... I took him in to see my favorite Ophthalmologist. DS is just two, so I warned him that the first eye drops sting, but only for a little while. The testing is really non-invasive and it's amazing what they can learn from someone who can't read yet. DS was really good, but he was upset about the first drops. They dilated his eyes with an extra long lasting dose because he is little and the muscles are so strong and flexible. He wore dark glasses all day yesterday. His eyes are still dilated today! The good news is that he has 20/30 vision, a little farsighted (which is normal at his age), no glasses needed, no glaucoma and he doesn't have lazy eye. He does however copy everything his DD does, including trying to cross his eyes LOL! I was so afraid. Now I'm so relieved he is OK. Glaucoma rarely affects someone under 40, but it can happen and the result is permanent blindness, without symptoms. I have a rare genetic form of glaucoma and I have had surgery for it. I had never been to the eye doctor until something flew into my eye and got it infected. I was referred to the ophthalmologist who discovered my condition. If any medicine dilated your eyes, the increase in pressure could cause you to damage your optic nerve. Always check for glaucoma first. I did not have any symptoms. The test is simple and painless and our eyesight is precious. If you are over 40 please get tested :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Swelter

Hi! I'm sorry I've neglected you dear blog readers. I thought I was just talking to myself :) I am fine, just busy. We found a temporary home, while our old home is waiting for new owners. I have been working hard on painting to spruce things up a bit. The market is pretty slow right now. Thanks so much for your email comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. It is very hot here now and I'm on the porch using DH's awesome laptop with the wireless phone card in it. This is too cool. I have heard of something called FIOS. Does anyone use it? It is supposed to be very fast and fairly reasonable. Must go... more work to do! TTFN

Friday, July 20, 2007

Splash-Tastic Fun

We had so much fun together, enjoying our new town. We are not moved yet. We are just learning more about it. We learned we love their best hotel and it's pool. Today we are headed out for the Harry Potter festivities with friends. Hope you enjoyed the Summer-Licious papers. I have a few in a blue series, like this background and photo frame. Maybe I'll make some more to go with them. Let me know if you are interested. Please post on the blog, not 4shared. The blog emails me and 4 shared does not. I can't save the 4 shared comments. There is an element that is nearly invisible on this layout, but I think it adds to it. Can you find it? The yellow roses really were at the pool. It is a beautiful spot! Credits: Papers and elements by me, Fonts CurlyQ, Goodfish

Monday, July 9, 2007

DigiScrapDepot - Awesome Freebies

I found wonderful Freebie site! Vicky's DigiScrapDepot is a wonderful site for viewing, sharing and finding designer freebies and discovering your digi style. You can see designs from a variety of designers, not just one Creative team at a time. You can see them all in one place. It's a great way to learn more about current trends both from a designer's and a scrapper's point of view. I think this site is awesome and you will find my freebies listed there! Be sure to visit Vicky's blog too! If you check her June archive you will read her explanation of why she started this site. I think it is an awesome idea!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seven Summer-Licious Papers-Freebie

Seven Summer-Licious Papers for your sweet summer layouts. Post comes complete with a preview and an easy to find link, including password so you can add something different to your collection. For more details on what inspired me, please read the prior posts. This is a consolidated re-post to make it easier for you. Petal paper close ups are shown actual size to show detail. There are seven downloads.
      • Paper 01: Spumoni Floral
      • Paper 02: Coconut Ice-Cream
      • Paper 03: Orange Cream-sicle
      • Paper 04: Papaya Sorbet
      • Paper 05: Raspberry Cream-sicle
      • Paper 06: Flocked Sherbet
      • Paper 07: Raspberry Cream Parfait
      Password: Java Download HERE

      Saturday, July 7, 2007

      Summer-Licious Papers

      Ready for a tasty treat? I was thinking of raspberry-orange creamsicles when I designed these papers. They were originally inspired by this soft photo of a rose. The pinks were picked from this rose at the Inn on the Lakes. Some of the forms within Paper 01 were inspired by its abstract forms and it just grew from there. We had a beautiful weekend staying there and enjoying the pool, which is surrounded by potted tropical flowers and gives a gorgeous view of the lake. You will find the freebie here. You know how much I love a cup of Joe in the morning, afternoon and late into the evening... so the password is Java. Grab the papers there now and come back for the others when you can.

      Lucky Seven

      Good Morning! Did you hear about the Lucky Seven date today? I have Lucky Seven Summer-Licious set of papers for your digi-scrapping. These are my first paper creations. Feeback is welcome.

      Belated Happy Fourth of July! I am still waiting on pics to scrap. We had a wonderful time enjoying our hometown parade and went to a nearby town for fireworks over the water. My DD had a friend sleep over the night before. They had a great time together. My DD now has a Wii! It is a blast! The whole family enjoys it. You can you golf, bowl, fish, play baseball, tennis and a bunch of other stuff without leaving the house.

      Wednesday, June 20, 2007

      Digi TREATS - Pamela's Mega Kit

      I bought Pamela's great kit over at her DigiTreats blog. It is awesome and so fun. I think it is only on sale for a couple more days. If you have any pregnancy pages you need to scrap, you must see her kit. It is too cute and fun. I love the graphics. It really brings a light, fun side to the whole pregnancy thing. Her Little Astronaut kit is really beautiful. It is almost like you are taking your own trip to outer space. She has done a really nice job on elements for all of the kits. Her Petals kit is just beautiful! Look closely at all of her photos to get any idea of how much you are getting for under $10. Just the Year in Review would be worth it! Also there are some excellent leather papers and alpha stitches and I'm sure there is more I forgot. She has given us so many wonderful freebies, now is the time to show her some support. You never know what she might create for us! She obviously invested a lot to be able to create so many awesome embellishments. It is a MEGA kit, so at least give it a close look!

      Sunday, June 17, 2007

      Happy Father's Day

      Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there. Without you -- all of this digi-scrapping of our kids wouldn't be possible! It is really good to share Father's Day with our family. Even our little boy had his card to give and our DD did too. The rain finally took a break and just in time. Yesterday was a blast! We went to the beach and spent the day with friends, having fun with riding the surf, playing in the sand and having an awesome dinner with great company. I didn't want to make the effort to go at first, but I am so glad I did. The ocean is so calming and energizing at the same time.

      I must tell you I am amazed at all the visitors I have to my site. I have been playing around with a NeoWORK counter. I didn't think anyone ever visited because comments are pretty sparse. I've heard this comment from other bloggers and now I understand why. You probably don't know what to say. So I'll ask this - if you don't say something to me, please take a moment to tell someone you care about - how much you really care. That way I feel like I did something positive and you will too. I hope you all made some connection with the Dad's in your lives. If you need to become friends again - just do it. In the end it doesn't matter who is right. It just matters that you have each other to share with. Do It Now!

      Friday, June 15, 2007

      Good Morning

      Good Morning! Hope you are all well and happy. I am looking forward to the whole family being well again. That enduring flu has invaded our home and I am ready to be rid of it. DS is doing the best of all, but it is lingering amongst the rest of us. We have finally received something my whole area has been wishing for. Rain, glorious rain. Swoooooosh..... if you listen you can hear the sounds of the lake filling up, bass fish rolling in delight and the flowers, shrubs, trees and GRASS are just screaming "GREEN -- It's so easy being green." Yes the birds are all atwitter and the butterflies have been hiding under their umbrellas (leaves). I am sure it will feel like a sauna later when the this side of the earth heats up from the suns enduring rays. Is anyone interested in retiring and buying a home with a beautiful peaceful view? It simply must go to someone who will love it as much as we do.

      Father's Day is almost here! I found Father's Day word origins on Dictionary.com. If they show the ad for the Visual Thesaurus, it is worth a look too.

      I do plan on creating more freebies to share. I am learning so much and there is still so much to learn. I'm sure you've seen Jessica Sprague's blog and her incredible articles in her mag "Computer Tips for Scrapbookers." Run, don't walk... this is cool. There are freebies involved too.

      Wednesday, June 13, 2007

      Thomas & Friends Recall- Lead Poisoning Hazard

      Thanks to my Dad, for letting me know. We only had two Thomas toys and one of them is the recalled one. Please follow this link to find out which toys were recalled.

      RC2 Corp. Recalls Various Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway Toys Due to Lead Poisoning Hazard

      Monday, June 11, 2007

      Shine on Melothria!

      I'm so glad Melothria created this with my challenging AquaStatic template! She made this layout for her cover of an album of her vacation in the country. She says it is a homage to the cows. I can't help but say it is really fun and moo - tiful too ;D (beautiful) . I love the texture of the stitches and fabric too. yet the photos still dominate and tell the story. It just makes me smile to see it.
      Credits: Paper: Jan Crowley, Tag: Amy Knepper, Buttons: ScrapSugar, font: DJ Moo

      Saturday, June 9, 2007

      Shine On Karin!

      I love Karin's gorgeous layout using my AquaStatic Template! It is so vibrant and captures the playful spirit of her beautiful child. I love how the series of pictures look like a filmstrip. I really like where she put the large title too. I never thought about doing that. I also love how she used the large photos to show movement across the page. It makes this this layout very dynamic. She even made LO of the day on a German blog! Thank you Karin for trying out my template and posting your sweet comments on our blogs!
      Credits: “Stay for Tea” : Amy Kropp, Flower from “Lil Sweetie”: KSharonkDesigns, Stamped alphas: Lisa Whitney

      Friday, June 8, 2007

      Shine on Jenny!

      Jenny took on the challenge of my complicated, but very flexible AquaStatic Template. She really showed it off! She left a sweet comment on her blog and a link on my blog. Her layout is fabulous. Her blog is so creative. She did scrap outside the box LOL! I love how she used a different color for the "outlines" and she played that up with the color scheme. The contrast of the striped papers and floral patterns add the right touch and really show off her sweet photos. Very Creative! She is a homeschool mom, which means she is always busy! I am too!
      N.B. Post updated to show LO and credits.
      Credits: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Kit by Sande Krieger Two Peas), Paper by Jenny using brushes from the kit..

      Thursday, June 7, 2007

      Splish Splash Layout

      DS has fun playing in the bath and I had fun creating this layout. I took these photos last Friday while waiting for DH to come home from work and DD to come home from her sleepover. The kids have been sick and are hopefully on the mend now. My high hope for this day is to make it to the grocery store, which also means leaving our home "Realtor ready." Thanks FlyLady for sharing your love of routines. It is so much easier!
      This layout was so fun to create. Pamela made a really fun kit! I enjoyed using the template and papers, tinkering with the embellishments and playing with the bubbles. I learn more every time I work in CS2.
      Credits: Photos, Ed Stanton, Bathtime Kit by PrincessPamela.typepad.com, Fonts: Melanie BT and Palatino Linotype.

      Sunday, June 3, 2007

      Layout by Miss Vivi

      Miss Vivi's Magnificent Layout!
      Oh... this is just so beautiful! I love how you spread a panorama across two of the panels. What a great font to use for the title and I also love how you found a great spot for a long journal. The photos are so vibrant, but work so nicely with Mindy's beautiful "Diesel & Dust" kit! Thank you for creating this lovely layout with my template, for crediting me and letting me know! I love seeing what can be created with my template. Please let me know if you would like me to post your layout. Credits: Kit "Diesel & Dust" de Mindy, Police CK LoveNote et Angelina.


      Good Morning! We are having some wind and cooler weather this morning. It has been very lovely out here, the birds were singing. The weather has just become quite overcast and suddenly the birds are silent. Possibly it is time to take the laptop inside :)

      Our friend's DD graduated high school and we enjoy a wonderful visit and celebration last night. Congratulations!!! It is hard to believe she is already grown up. So much behind you and so much ahead! I got to share my love of digital scrapbooking with them, thanks to DH's cool laptop. Look for Miss Vivi's fine layout in the next post, I'm having a technical problem.

      If you went on the field trip and are looking for the pictures, please see the top link on the right. Only participants in the trip and my family are allowed access to those pictures. You will need a password, please email me for that.

      Saturday, June 2, 2007

      Memorial Day Layout

      Ed took this beautiful photo of the kids when we went to the annual Blue Crab Festival. It was so nice and breezy! I finally got my second layout done. I kept it simple to feature the photo. I have so much to learn about Photoshop cs2. I am still so awed by all of the wonderful comments I have received here on my blog and through 4shared. I wish I could read French. Miss Vivi has a magnificent layout using my template on her blog. I will post it if I can :) I can't tell who did it, but I am grateful to Emilie for posting on Maryse's blog to let me know. My DD is back from her sleepover. DS kept me on my toes yesterday with his incessant curiosity. He is into everything!
      Credits: Photo by Ed Stanton. Template, papers by me, papers and embellishments by Amy Watson from her "Memorial Day" kit. Fonts: Effloresce, FontdinerdotcomSparkly

      Monday, May 28, 2007

      Layout by Maryse

      I love how Maryse used her Forever Yours kit and my AquaStatic template to make this gorgeous layout! The photos are so incredible and rich in black and white. Her expressions seem to capture a moment in time. I love the treatment she gave to the edges and outlines, it adds a nice feeling to her LO and her elements add the finishing touch. Her use of the Forever Yours kit with this template adds such warmth and softness, yet a bit of sparkle too.

      Thank you Maryse for trying my template and for posting your layout on your blog and linking it back to mine.

      Sunday, May 27, 2007

      Thank You

      Thank you IKEA Goddess for posting my AquaStatic Template freebie on her blog. Thank you Maryse for creating a gorgeous layout using her Forever Yours kit with my template and posting it on her blog. I hope to post it later, when she gives me permission to do so. Pamela has been such an encourager and really inspired me to get it done. Your generousity of spirit has really touched me. I am awed, amazed and ecstatic about the wonderful response I have received from everyone. There have been over 300 downloads so far. I know it is a complicated template with many layers and options, yet Maryse put together an awesome layout with it with incredible speed. I want to send my best wishes out to Hilma and thank her for being my first encourager in blogdom. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I must get back to work and play with family! I also want to thank my Dad for buying the whole CS2 suite for me. I finally learned to use it, although I'm just scratching the surface of what is possible. Thanks again!

      Friday, May 25, 2007

      My First Freebie!

      Thank you Hilma, Maryse and Pamela for your encouragement and advice. Thank you IKEAGoddess for finding the freebies that inspired me to share. Thank you Andrea for inspiring me to create a template. Thank you Misty for creating tutorials on how to use templates, which led to figuring out how to make templates. After a huge learning curve, much fiddling and fussing I finally have my first freebie to offer. The template, preview and TOU are separate files in the Templates folder on my 4shared account. I would love to see your LO's! Please send me a link to your LO and I may post them here. The font in my LO is Duality from Larabie fonts, one of many free fonts from his foundry. Template AquaStatic is here!

      Tuesday, May 15, 2007

      Happy Mother's Day & My First Digital LO!

      Good Morning!

      Happy Mother's Day! Well, I meant to post that sooner. I had a very nice Mother's Day with my family. My Mom passed away 17 years ago, she would be proud of her grandchildren, I'm sure. I am lucky to have them in my life!

      I finally finished my first digital LO! I created the papers using the butterfly wing pattern for texture and as a background. What a challenge! My first freebie will be this template. It is really different and I need to fix it up before I share it. We went on a field trip to a butterfly farm and my DD took all the photos with her Dad's awesome camera. It was a dreary day with high winds and the butterflies had been wind beaten, but the field trip was still awesome. They let us feed the butterflies with Q-tips dipped in Gatorade. They gave us caterpillars to take home. It was so cool watching them emerge as butterflies.

      Friday, May 11, 2007

      My First Sketch: Aquastatic

      While cuddling with my DS (two yrs old), this sketch came to mind. When he fell asleep, I ran to sketch it out. It morphed as I sketched and finally I was content to stop. I scanned it and opened it up in PSCS2 with the intent of turning it into a template. I've never even made a digital LO and I didn't know how to make a template. I was using my magic wand and making layers like crazy, but I could not see any shapes or figure out how to make it do it. Searched for a tutorial on this, but I couldn't find one. In desperation I started the built in tutorial for beginners and voila... a clue came to light. I had to create a copy of the background which becomes layer 0. So, I started over and it worked. All seemed to be going well until I tried to use the template. All my papers were turned gray! I had posterized the image for clarity and crispness and the original was a b&w scan. Somehow I managed to convert it to color. It was two in the morning, so I'm not too clear on that part. Whoohoo, I have color now! I'm still working on the LO and the template. Isn't this one different?

      Thursday, May 10, 2007

      Swirls & Whirls

      Whirling, swirling ... smoke, wind and rain. Hoping that storm Andrea puts out the fires completely. I am hoping for more rain and less wind. I am not so close to the fires, but not far enough for my liking either.

      I got inspired to sketch a template. It has a whirling theme too! A very different looking type of template, but not simple enough for me to create it yet. First I must learn more about CS2. I sketched and scanned and fiddled about with the magic wand. Now I am actually doing a tutorial to figure out how to make this work.

      Good Night for now,

      Wednesday, May 9, 2007

      Welcome to my blog!

      Every day is Finer, because you are in it. I am grateful for today, for those I love, those I know and those I will meet. I am a homeschooling mom of two beautiful, sweet, smart kids and I am lucky to see them more, because I homeschool.

      Welcome to today, appreciate it - while you can. Today is a "home" day. This is nice because we have been very busy. The air is filled with smoke. There are fires in a nearby town. My realtor and many of her employees live there. I hear my realtor had to move some of her cows. I guess you could say this is a small town. When I moved here we had one traffic light. Now we have two. We have one zip code and one phone exchange. I have dial-up :0 If I lived "in town" I could have DSL. It is wired at the end of our street, but they won't wire it to our street. LOL. I love to download beautiful freebies for digi-scrapping in Photoshop CS2. So I go into the nearest wifi hotspot and do it when I am in a bigger town. Silly maybe, but it brings me joy.

      We are moving when some lucky person buys our home. It is beautiful here. We have a gorgeous view of the lake, which does have water in it, unlike some of the lakes in our town. Our home has a huge atrium in it and an open feel which offers a view of the lake from nearly every room. We are sheltered under a canopy of oak, which are flanked by azalea bushes that bloom in a variety of colors in spring and some in fall too.

      I intend to learn photshop a bit better and create some freebies to share, so stop back by when you can. Have a wonderful day.


      "Be the change you wish to see"