Thursday, January 10, 2008

Settling In

I'm happy that I found a dance studio and drama classes for my DD. I am still working on soccer for my DS, but it looks like he is not old enough until the Spring session next year. We went for a bike ride in the neighborhood yesterday evening. It was fun. I saw a show about how much air conditioning changed our society. I think it is so true. When I first drove around the neighborhood, I did not think many children lived here. They are all indoors! Is your neighborhood like that too? We had a few winter days. I had to make a run up to our house for sale and it was a cold sleep. I didn't realize the thermostat had been set to 50. Went to sleep and woke up very chilly because I was not dressed for that temperature! I jumped up and down, reset the thermostat, covered the kids, got dressed better and jumped back in bed. DS got up early and was curious about everything we had left behind. I heard the neighbor kids outside playing. Their Dad had left the sprinklers on to create a Winter Wonderland for them. The icicles were beautiful!

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