Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Wonderful Year

I see a wonderful New Year waiting to be enjoyed. Every day is a chance to make it better. Last year was busy. I didn't take the time to say Hi, how are you today? We are settled in at this house for now. Our lovely house is still waiting for someone to come settle in there. I am learning a new town and I think I know every house for sale within five miles of where we live. Christmas was fun and visiting my hometown was fun too. I got a new computer which means photoshop should load lightning fast now. We have fast DSL now too. I went to my old house where we had dial up and the phone company called to see if I wanted DSL. Too funny, it finally came after I was already gone. I am thinking of trying out Atomic cupcake. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? I got a mega cutter called a Klic n Kut, must sit down and get it to work now. It looks awesome. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Wednesday!

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