Monday, September 1, 2008

Moon Over Miami

We Went Down to Miami to visit family and celebrate two birthdays. My In-Laws are leaving Miami, which leaves my parents as the last family there still. We had a really nice time visiting Ed's parents. Afterward, we went to Toys R Us and got some extra gifts for DS. Then we visited my parents and went to the Chart House in the Grove for my Dad's 70th and my son's birthday (see photo). It is a great restaurant! When my Dad made the reservations, they asked him if we were coming for a special occasion and he said "It's my birthday." When we got there they had Happy Birthday and my Dad's name printed at the top of the menu. So we were all surprised. After dinner, we walked out to look at the bay. I love looking at Biscayne Bay when the weather is rough. The rain got the better of us, so we didn't stay long. The moon was up when we left, but you couldn't see it this time. The next day we went to visit my Grandmother in the nursing home. She is 90. It is nice to see her, but it is hard because she can't remember anything for very long. I have been sorting through her stuff in her apartment to rescue her memorabilia. I have so many questions and she just can't answer them now. It is quite hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. She didn't have any order to things. As she grew older and less able to manage that, the mess grew worse. Do your family a favor. De-clutter. De-clutter. De-clutter. Let your family share those memories with you and even help you sort it out. I offered years ago, but she was probably overwhelmed then. She is so sweet and everyone loves her. She was a Jazz Singer all of her life. When she lived in Marathon, they used to call her the "Sweetheart of the Florida Keys." When I call or visit I tell her the stories of her life, because she can't remember. She still likes to hear her stories.

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  1. It is sweet to read about your grandmother. My grandparents did the same thing with their photos, and I have a ton of them without much information. It has been interesting to try to figure them out,and to the family history at the same time.