Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Right Now

"Catch a magic moment, do it Right here and now
It means everything." Van Halen

Being Present requires a level of attention I am not accustomed to giving. I am loving it and feeling like a child again. In those present moments, I'm looking at the world in wonder and awe and wondering how to share this with someone else. It's just too good not to share. Sometimes the smallest beautiful details are lost in the hurry to our destination.

I drive by this nearly every day. I never noticed. I went for sunrise walk one morning and liked the dew on the leaves. Several days later, I almost tossed the picture. It wasn't that great, but I liked the dew drops. Oh, yeah, wasn't that why I took this picture? I stopped and took closer look. Those drops are really interesting. They make me think of other worlds unexplored. They are perfect spheres reflecting what I don't take the time to notice. I noticed today and I'm grateful for my perfect moments.

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