Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digi TREATS - Pamela's Mega Kit

I bought Pamela's great kit over at her DigiTreats blog. It is awesome and so fun. I think it is only on sale for a couple more days. If you have any pregnancy pages you need to scrap, you must see her kit. It is too cute and fun. I love the graphics. It really brings a light, fun side to the whole pregnancy thing. Her Little Astronaut kit is really beautiful. It is almost like you are taking your own trip to outer space. She has done a really nice job on elements for all of the kits. Her Petals kit is just beautiful! Look closely at all of her photos to get any idea of how much you are getting for under $10. Just the Year in Review would be worth it! Also there are some excellent leather papers and alpha stitches and I'm sure there is more I forgot. She has given us so many wonderful freebies, now is the time to show her some support. You never know what she might create for us! She obviously invested a lot to be able to create so many awesome embellishments. It is a MEGA kit, so at least give it a close look!


  1. Thank you so much for your glowing review of my kit! I appreciate it so much. You have really become a great cyber-friend! When are we going to see your next template? Can't wait!

  2. It is a really cute kit I went and looked. I only just found your site. I dont know or get why people cant take time to comment. I know I try whenever I read a blog to say let you know I was here..otherwise I feel like a digi stalker :)