Sunday, June 3, 2007


Good Morning! We are having some wind and cooler weather this morning. It has been very lovely out here, the birds were singing. The weather has just become quite overcast and suddenly the birds are silent. Possibly it is time to take the laptop inside :)

Our friend's DD graduated high school and we enjoy a wonderful visit and celebration last night. Congratulations!!! It is hard to believe she is already grown up. So much behind you and so much ahead! I got to share my love of digital scrapbooking with them, thanks to DH's cool laptop. Look for Miss Vivi's fine layout in the next post, I'm having a technical problem.

If you went on the field trip and are looking for the pictures, please see the top link on the right. Only participants in the trip and my family are allowed access to those pictures. You will need a password, please email me for that.

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